Vampires Legacy

Trial Conclusion

forces I brought. ”

”Thanks to that hidden protector, weve been able to fight against the vampires for the past couple of centuries. ”

”Haha. Wow, you were really a hothead back then weren you? ”

”Haha. This guy is ticking me off a little. ”

Shoyo throws in some quick banter upon hearing Ariels answer.

”Anyway, there are a few books written on the events that occurred 200 years ago. I read them of course but not much was said about are sweet guardian angel that protected us for a bit before vanishing. Who knows, perhaps they
e still watching over us. ”

Shoyo adds in that almost nothing at all is known about this person. Maybe they asked for their existence to be hidden as much as possible.

”Thats possible. I was beaten by them so their strength is certainly on par with the Vampire Lords. ”

”Um… Excuse me. You guys keep calling this person they. You fought them didn you Ariel? Is their gender unknown? ”

Chifuyu throws in a question. Hes been dragged into this world, so he has every right to know what he can.

”Yeah, their whole body including their face was covered. As far as I can remember, their voice was hard to distinguish as male or female. ”

”Hm. Thanks for answering. My second and last question will affect a critical decision for us hunters. ”

”What is it? ”

”When do you think the vampires from the Alter World will invade with the intention to crush us? ”

”That will undoubtedly be when the war in the Alter World ends, if they win that is. Since Ive been sealed for about 200 years, I have no idea if its still going on. ”

”Figures. ”

”Has anybody from Shioto ever been in the Alter World yet? ”

”Yes. Though we haven explored much, or really anything at all. We had an expedition several years ago, but the majority of the hunters that went weren even done in by vampires. They were slaughtered by monsters. Im still not sure if theres any merit to even going there. But… ”

”But? ”

”We still must know whats there. So well be commencing our 2nd expedition in time. Much sooner than planned since you
e on our side now. We should have no problem surviving there for a long period of time if you
e with us. ”

”I see. So thats the decision you were talking about. Do you think you guys can hold your own now? ”

”Im sure. The first expedition was about 11 years ago. We have dozens of capable 1st Rank Hunters and a handful of Special Rank Hunters whose skills speak for themselves. Then of course we have that bonehead over there. ”

”Heya! ”

”Our plan is to survey as much of the Alter World as possible and set up some portal artifacts the hidden protector gave us, and now also to find out whether this war you speak of is still going on over there ”

”Portal artifacts huh, Im assuming they
e two-way portals so you can travel back and forth. ”

”Thats correct. ”

”Portals? Is that how the Alter World is connected to ours? ”

”Yes, Chifuyu. ”

Its common knowledge that vampires come from a foreign planet known as the Alter World. There are portals that connect the two that were only just discovered a couple hundred years ago. The latter part of information was determined not to be made public so people don try to actively search for these portals.

”Although I said we have this numbskull Shoyo, he probably won take part in the 2nd expedition. After all, we don know how many vampires have been in hiding here. If they catch wind of our plan and choose to attack, Shoyo will be here to intervene. ”

”We should be cautious of the vampires here on Shioto. They stayed in hiding for so long waiting to unseal Ariel. Now that shes free and no longer on their side, they may plan something big soon. For some reason, I can imagine them just returning to the Alter World. ”

Shoyo jumps back into the conversation. Everyone believes his statement to be right. Although Shioto has been relatively peaceful on the outside, there are still numerous missing persons cases or dead bodies found each month. There have also been a couple of big incidents where some vampires claimed dozens of lives in broad daylight. Those are suspected to be strays who perhaps wandered onto their world or vampires who were already here that began to starve.

”Did you forget that other presence Shoyo? ” Ariel poses a question that theyd already talked about.

”I didn . There was at least one other vampire who remained in hiding when Ariel was unsealed. Theres no doubt they reported that their precious Vampire Lord betrayed them. One of them called themselves the Slayers. Perhaps its what the group of vampires that are on Shioto go by. ”

”The Slayers… Ariel, do you know this group? ”

”No. There was never such a group I was aware of. ”

”I see. This is rather troublesome. ”

Suddenly, Ariel seems to have come to some sort of realization.

”Im starting to recall the face of the vampire that gravely injured Chifuyu… He was a low-ranking subordinate in my army! Wait, so were some of the other vampires there. ”

”I think I see where this is going. ”

”Back then, I never really cared about those under me. I just saw them as dispensable underlings. Now that I think about it, all the vampires that were present in that forest used to be my subordinates. It may be far-fetched to say this, but this group calling themselves Slayers may be vampires that were all under me. I played the part of a great leader, so I wouldn be surprised if they abandoned the war to save me. ”

e finally getting a clear goal. All this time weve mainly been on the defensive. Our name isn just for decoration, right guys? Until the next expedition, we
e going to focus most of our forces on sniffing out these rats. ”

Humanities counterattack commences at long last.

”The hunt begins. ”


”Im sure the verdict is clear, this court is now adjourned. ”

The judge officially ends the trial, those present have accepted Ariel as an ally and Chifuyu will no longer be executed.

”Listen up, what happened during this trial will become confidential information. It is to remain a secret that Chifuyu has become a half-vampire and that we have a Vampire Lord on our side. The latter can be revealed in due time. But until then, if any news of what transpired today gets out to the public, the heads of everyone here will be rolling. Do I make myself clear? ”

”Sir! ”

The president gives his final statement before pardoning everyone. He personally walks up to Chifuyu to unchain him.

”Nice to meet you kid. Shoyo, I leave him in your hands. ”

”Thats the plan. ”

”Ill be waiting to see your merits as a hunter, Chifuyu. ”

”Uh… Yessir! ”

”Hmph. ”

The president lets out a slight chuckle as he leaves the courtroom. Chifuyu bows to him.

”Looks like you get to live Chifuyu. ”

”Im relieved, this whole thing has been exhausting. ”

”You think you
e ready for whats to come? ”

”Im sure I can handle it. ”

Chifuyus eyes conveyed absolute resolve.

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