her master now, so they may target you. ”

”Target me?? Now I have to watch my back 24/7… ”

”Don worry, you
e going to be receiving training after all. And itll be from yours truly! ”

”Wait, you
e gonna train me Shoyo? ”

”Hehe, surprised the strongest man will specially be showing you the ropes of being a hunter. I could finish your homeschool education as well, Im doing the same for someone that should be your age. ”

”Well, I have no complaints if thats what I have to do. Guess I won be able to play basketball anymore. ”

Chifuyu didn know what he wanted to do for a career, but he did plan to play basketball until the end of college. Having to give up on that so suddenly naturally has him disappointed.

”Um, Mr. Shoyo. ”

”Whats up? ”

”Would it be possible for me to become a hunter along with Chifuyu? ”

”Ho. ”

”Wha… Erika? ”

”I thought about the possibility of you having to become a hunter ever since the trial started. Mainly because I didn want you to die… I thought that would be the only solution, so if that would be the case I wouldn let you leave me! ”

”How could you decide this so quickly, youve been living a normal life up until now? ”

”Chifuyus right, do you know what becoming a hunter means? ”

”Of course Dakota. Yknow youve told me before youd rather become a hunter than go to college. ”

”Geh. ”

”Now you have a reason, we can let Chifuyu do this alone! ”

Shes forcing me too?! ”

Dakotas thoughts are filled with a bleak future.

”No, you guys don have to do this. I- ”

”This is our choice Chifuyu! ”

”Our?! ” says Dakota silently.

”I don have to think twice about becoming a hunter with you! Didn we promise to go to the same college, just think of this being the same as that. ”

”Those aren the same at all. ”

”Youve got great friends Chifuyu. ”

”Shoyo… ”

”I can put in word for you two to transfer to the Hunter Training Academy. ”

”Thank you! ”

”Oh man. ”

”That is after we get permission from your parents. ”

e truly grateful! ”

Erika bows deeply, this time pushing Dakotas head down so he can also bow, his face says hell regret going along with this.

”Ill have some staff escort you two home, Im sure mom and dad are worried since you stayed here for questioning all night. I have to talk with Chifuyu longer and submit some documents for him later. ”

”Again, thank you so much! ”

e very welcome. ”

”Well see you later Chifuyu. ”

”Yeah! ”

Erika and Chifuyu wave each other off, Dakota is too busy pondering his future to say anything.

”Already having regrets? ”

”Erika may say its their decision, but I dragged them into this. If anything happens, itll be my fault. ”

”No Chifuyu, the blame would be on me. You were dragged into this because of my return after all. ”

He doesn reply to that, Chifuyu just looks at Ariel with sulking eyes.

”Eugh, all this selflessness is gonna make me puke. Chifuyu, you said you
e not going to regret this, didn you? All you have to do is get strong enough to protect them. Or what, do you think they won be strong enough to protect themselves? ”


Shoyo gives Chifuyu a good slap on the face, this surprises both him and Ariel.

”Things are only just beginning, you don have time to overthink. From here, you
e going to have to only move forward. ”

No matter what happens.

Chifuyu takes a big breath in and out.

”Thanks, Im all good now. I can trust them to take care of themselves. They
e my friends after all. ”

”Thats the spirit. ”

Chifuyus grin returns to his face.

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