my dear lover

final semester

And this was how it all started…..

”dear lady, can I please talk to you?

do not be offended but I really want to tell you something. am I allowed to?

ok thanks, for lending me your ears.

dear lady, I want to tell you something

you are going back to school right?

listen! be careful when you go back to school this year, because this year is your year where your radar will light up and will attract boys to you. once again be careful because they will come In their numbers that you will be tempted to at least try one of them but I am telling you if you trust the wrong one, out of them everything youve built and the efforts youve put into your studies and everything will come crashing down.

this is your last year to complete and you are going to be tempted so hard.

bye my dear, don worry, keep your faith, be strong and avoid this temptation if you really want to succeed. my dear be careful, stay resolute because the future is bright but then again one is coming to destroy you and the other might be in your future but I can tell, all I can say is stay calm, stay confident because your future is indeed bright.

I see it, I see it shining, good luck. my prayer is that nothing bad comes through as you go today stay safe.

you might not believe me but when you get there you will see that I was telling you the truth.

heres my number you can call me, then you and I can work together to see which one is good and which one is bad stay safe my dear and remember don give into temptation youve been able to stand for all these years hold on and you will have a bright future bye and safe trip ”.

A message came for one person sitting in this bus but who was it for?

me! it came for me, yep the message found me, my name is Eve and this is only half of my life story…..

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