my dear lover

new beginning 2

as I let go, I decided to go back to my single life. I came to the conclusion that I wasn ready and that I needed to sort myself out first, I needed to love me first.

so I went on with my daily life activities and slowly I became better. I never thought of that relationship again because maybe I actually never fell into it in the first place because I was able to let go easily, which got me thinking why others cry when these relationship ends because for me I felt free.

slowly I became happy, I started to fix myself and slowly I became a little confident in myself, maybe is because I met someone one else who always told me that I am beautiful and hes talking about my inner beauty and that any man will love to have me as a wife, he counseled me any chance he got and advised me to be myself and never change for any man because I am special. with him I slowly gained a little confidence in my self he behaved so well with me that one would wonder why didn I date him if he was so good to me, the Truth is he already had a girlfriend.

when he first approached me, I thought it was the same everyday proposal things that was really getting annoying but he was different he approached me and wanted me as a friend because he felt I was special.

he became a regular person in my life because he constantly met me, studied with me and never in a moment forgot to tell me how special I am and how I should feel confident in myself.

with him, I let opened some of my feelings. I told him things about myself that I hardly tell people and he welcome them and told me the things I wanted to hear.

if that was the case then why didn you date him?

that was also a question I frequently asked, sometimes the way he behaves makes me think he likes me but not once has he missed the opportunity to tell me how much he loves his girlfriend, so I concluded it was just my desire to get someone who understands me like him but then I realized that there are those who comes into your and becomes a precious gem of which you never know what their position are in your life.

we became very good friends and he shared his struggles also with me and I also give him the piece I have.

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