my dear lover

call it love or mistake

this new found friend turned me into someone who should always remember that she is loved and should always be happy.

he was a true gentleman and his girlfriend should really treat him well because he was one of the realest people I got to know,

despite his constant praise on me, he never forgot to criticize me when I am wrong or when I behave badly.

he usually talked to me about men, what they want, how to know them and how to be careful. he constantly ask me if I have found someone in my life and who that person is.

slowly I became free and started smiling again, I was truly happy and anyone who saw me could really tell.

things were going on smoothly, I was studying , enjoying and being free. I was happy with who I was becoming and the guys kept on coming.

but one day that friend of mine told me not to let these things get into my head and make a mistake. he told me that when things becomes like that it could be a danger zone, I told him about what that be man told me in the bus and he told me to be very careful.

from that moment I limit my confidence and I went back to my shell

This friend of mine, a month later told me he has broken up with his girlfriend and I asked him why but he just said it wasn working so he let go.

This friend was a friend I told everything about my relationship to, the guys I met and the words they told me in return he offers me advice, sometimes teases me with it and a whole lot of things. we spent great times together.

on 16th October, something happened, I met new people, had conversations and went to places and did things I would have never thought of going and doing…….

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